How do I transfer a .UK domain name?

Please note that .UK domains don't use authorisation codes or registrar locks.

Incoming Transfers

Transferring a .UK domain into our system is a very simple process. Please contact the current registrar and request that they change the IPS TAG on your domain to ENOM.
It is reccomended that you change the IPS TAG on your domain to ENOM first before initiating the transfer at

How much does it cost?
Transferring a .UK domain name costs just £5.99 per domain name and includes a free 1-year extension to the expiry date.

Outgoing Transfers

Transferring a .UK domain away from our system is a manual, two step process. Please do the following:

  • Submit a ticket to the Support department with the subject IPS TAG CHANGE requesting that we change the IPS TAG for your domain to the gaining registrar. As this is a manual process, please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be actioned. For a complete list of IPS TAG holders, please go to or contact your gaining registrar for more information.
  • Initiate the transfer on the gaining registrar's system.
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